Mia Miller


Mia Miller

Coaching categories

Cheer, Dance


Cheer - All, Cheer - Back Base, Cheer - Base, Cheer - Flyer, Cheer - No preference, Cheer - Tumbler

Dance - All, Dance - Ballet, Dance - Choreography, Dance - Hip Hop, Dance - Jazz, Dance - No preference

Key accomplishments

Hi my name is Mia Miller. I am 16 and born and raised in Frisco. I started dance at 2 and I started cheer at 5. When I was 6, I started competitive dance and I have loved it ever since. I am an Elite Company Member at Prodigy Dance. I was a Griffin Middle School cheerleader and am currently a Wakeland High School cheerleader. I have a passion for working with kids. I've assisted and taught in both dance and cheer. I hold a special place in my heart for all styles of dance including ballroom. I love dance competitions and cheering at football games. When I'm not at cheer or dance, I'm often babysitting or hanging out with friends and family. I desire to help young athletes when it comes to choreography, learning basics, cheer tryouts, perfecting routines, and many more. With my experience, I promise to make your child the best athlete they can be while working in a positive and uplifting environment. I can't wait to start working with young dancers and cheerleaders here in Frisco!!

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