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Arnav Sundaram

Round Rock

Arnav Sundaram

Coaching categories

Basketball, Football, Flag football


Forward, Guard

Defensive Back, Receiver

Flag football:
Flag Football

Key accomplishments

Mcneil High School | Austin | Class of '25My Sport: I have played football since I was 8 and have only grown to love it even more. I dedicate my effort to making sure that I can both improve my ability on the field, but also myself and how I can act off the field. Along with football comes basketball which is my second sport. I love being able to play both as they both compliment each other in the skill sets I learn and become part of how I conduct myself in school.Specialties: Defensive Specialist, Can also work wide receivers.When I'm not on the field: I enjoy working out, going out with my friends, playing video games, watching film, and listening to music! I want to be able to connect with the younger kids and help them improve themselves to reach their potential for whatever sport they play!

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