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Empowering Youth

Player2Player empowers youth athletes by teaching sports skills to gain confidence on and off the field all while connecting with an older role model in their community. We  empower high school athletes with coaching jobs to learn communication skills, grow in confidence, and lead in the community.

Lessons & Camps

Lessons are 1 hour. Book a private lesson or add a friend, teammate or sibling to join you for the lesson. Our Player2Player coaches prepare a custom lesson with drills for your player’s skill level.

Camps range from 1 hour long to multi-day/multi-hour. We host camps for specific sport skills, like football, volleyball, basketball and more. Camps are a great way to help keep your kids active on school holidays and breaks.

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Book a lesson for your youth player in one of the many sports we coach, from basketball to volleyball and so much more in between.

P2P is great for a beginner wanting to try out a sport for the first time and advanced players needing to amp up their skills to get to the next level.


1. Choose a sport and coach.

2. Choose a lesson day & time.

3. Book & pay online.


Player2Player coaches can step in to help coach your team. They can coach a practice to target specific needs, act as an assistant coach throughout the season to be an extra set of hands during practice or games, or they can act as head coach if there isn’t an adult coach.

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For your next birthday party, skip the paintball and laser tag and offer a fun and active party with a Player2Player coach coordinating an on-site tournament or an exciting obstacle course, or maybe one of our Mini-Olympics.

Having an end-of-year team party? The local pizza place is fine, but consider celebrating your season with an end-of-year party managed by one of our P2P coaches. We can coordinate scrimmages, in-team competitions, or maybe a parents vs young athletes match.